"They tryin’ to distract you from the truth…Don’t believe nothing you see, ‘cause you’re constantly being lied to. The truth is inside you." - Kanye West

uncle stay speaking the truth, he just tryna make music but everybody so blinded by media and caught up in all that illuminati bullshit and who sold who soul to the devil for fame, got you thinkin bout the wrong shit while young niggas getting locked up because there’s a fuckin profit behind it, old rich ass crackas are buying STOCK into prisons, how do you boost the price of shares for a prison, imprison more people, music is art man some people just do it better than others and therefor receive more of a fan base i wish people would stop wrapping themselves up in that illuminati shit .

^ yes.

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I do not own these photos. Simply added annotations. 

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This is how Team Brazil deals with (tiny) pitch invaders, Johannesburg, 2014.03.05



If you’re a Kanye West fan, you’re not a fan of me. You’re a fan of yourself.

He’s a misunderstood man & I think he’s so wise that no one can even comprehend. I get him though. Ye’ is the truth man for real.

Yes indeed! Kanye is one of the greatest!!!

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